FILO Conference

The FILO Conference is a gathering of local church technical artists designed to encourage, train and inspire. Whether you are a volunteer or a staff person, an audio engineer or a graphics operator, set builder or jack of all trades, there is something unique here for you and the role you play in your local church.

Who is First In Last Out Conference for?

  • Anyone involved in technology in his or her local church. Audio or lighting, staff or volunteer, beginner or expert, everyone is encouraged to attend. There will be something for everyone.
  • While technical artists are the focus of FILO, worship pastors, music directors or anyone who works with technical artists is more than welcome to attend. s

Why does it cost so much?

  • The registration cost helps to cover the costs of pulling off an event worth coming to!  We bring in top-notch speakers and teachers who are veterans at getting their hands dirty in the nitty gritty of production life. Our goal is to create an experience that will refresh and inspire those who come! 

Are meals included?

  • Meals are not included with the cost of registration. Meals will be available for pre-purchase at a future date, with limited availability for purchase onsite. 

Where should I stay?

  • Steve, our friend at Eclectic Escapes Travel, has connections with hotels in the area.  If you're interested in getting a FILO rate, email Steve at, or call him at 224-760-0964.

Who is behind @FILOconference?

  • Todd Elliott, the former Technical Arts Director at Willow Creek Community Church was the driving force behind the Willow Production team hosting the Gurus of Tech conference for years. Looking around and seeing the need for an event that was laser focused on the needs of the technical artist, he rounded up a team of people to help bring you the First In Last Out Conference.

What does FILO even mean?

  • FILO stands for First In Last Out. If you are a technical artist in the local church, you know what it feels like to be there to unlock the doors of the church before anyone gets there. Long after the event is “done” you and your teams are still there getting things ready for the next event. Many times you are the first one in and the last one to leave. This idea describes what most technical artists feel like.
  • Since this is a gathering of church technical artists, what a better title to describe us than FILO!
  • First In Last Out is the title of the blog where Todd Elliott posts thoughts on production in the local church. Whether it is about leadership, or working with teams, or how to be a problem solver, the ideas in the blog have fueled much of the heart behind the content for Gurus of Tech Chicago and moving forward for @FILOconference.   |   224.829.0929   |   ©2016 First In Last Out