FILO Conference

The FILO Conference is a gathering of local church technical artists designed to encourage, train and inspire. Whether you are a volunteer or a staff person, an audio engineer or a graphics operator, set builder or jack of all trades, there is something unique here for you and the role you play in your local church.

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BREAKOUT A. - Moving From Button Pusher to Leader

(Dave Pullin - United Methodist Church of the Resurrection) - Have you been thrust into a supervisory position without any training, or do you take your management instruction from Michael Scott of The Office? Either way, we'll discuss the role and scope of a manager and identify techniques you can immediately put into practice to help empower and engage (rather than alienate and aggravate) your staff and volunteers. We’ll look at leadership styles, running meetings, annual reviews, coaching, curbing gossip & negativity, goal setting, conflict management, hiring/firing and performance improvement. Yeaaaah…that’d be greaaaat.

BREAKOUT B. - Embracing Who God Made You to Be

(Stef Cassetto - Saddleback) - I don’t know about you, but being involved in creating services in the local church can be a lonely place. We don’t always know if we’re doing a good job, and it can be easy to second-guess ourselves. This breakout will look at the reality of each of our unique contributions to our local church and how God has created us uniquely to handle the challenges in front of us.

BREAKOUT C. - Developing Volunteers

(Dennis Choy - North Coast Church) - The engine of church production runs on volunteers. Without them, the whole things falls apart. Yet how much energy are we investing into developing them and helping them feel like part of a community? This breakout will look at ways to retain and pour into the volunteers you currently have, as well as creating a culture that new volunteers want to be a part of.

BREAKOUT D. - The Most Difficult Person to Manage

(Dave Pullin - United Methodist Church of the Resurrection) - Church production can take its toll on a person, especially when your work is linked to your faith, and when saying “no” to the church feels like saying “no” to God. Who wants to let God down? Talk about a guilt trip. Learn about the importance of proper self (and family)-care, incorporating the rhythms of Sabbath, and strategies to help identify and communicate proper resource-allocation to help support the ongoing ministries of the church. No one is meant to be a lone ranger.

BREAKOUT E. - Leading a Multi-Site Production Team

(Dennis Choy - North Coast Church; Daniel Scotti - Saddleback) - Leading one team is difficult enough. Now with the multi-site model so prevalent, many of us are being called to lead a larger, more remote team to accomplish roughly the same thing at many locations. This breakout will be hosted by a panel of multi-site TDs to talk about the challenges they’ve faced and the concepts they’ve incorporated into their teams to help them succeed.   |   224.829.0929   |   ©2016 First In Last Out