FILO Conference

The FILO Conference is a gathering of local church technical artists designed to encourage, train and inspire. Whether you are a volunteer or a staff person, an audio engineer or a graphics operator, set builder or jack of all trades, there is something unique here for you and the role you play in your local church.

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BREAKOUT A. - IMAG for Worship

(Rusty Anderson - Passion City Church) - More often than not, image magnification (IMAG) can be distracting, which then detracts from the worship experience we are trying to create for our congregation. Through the use of IMAG, we are controlling people’s attention by the shot we choose in any given moment. Are our choices helping or hurting the service? This breakout will look at ways to enhance our services through the use of IMAG and help draw people upward.

BREAKOUT B. - Video Production on the Fly

(Andrew Schurmann - Willow Creek) - Many of our churches have ministry partners in far off places around the world. Since most of the people in our congregations won’t have a chance to go in person, we bring those ministry partners to them through the medium of video. We’ll look at topics such as what and how to pack, pre-production work, workflow while still in a country before heading home; and many more.

BREAKOUT C. - ProPresenter Basics

(Brad Zimmerman - Christian Media Drop) - ProPresenter can be a powerful tool in making the graphics in our services professional-looking for a reasonable cost. With a few basic tips, you can set up ProPresenter to look good and to be easy to use for your volunteers.

BREAKOUT D. - Advanced ProPresenter Techniques

(Brad Zimmerman - Christian Media Drop) - This breakout will dig into some of the more advanced feature of ProPresenter.

BREAKOUT E. - Telling a Great Story Effectively

(Dave Hunter - FILO Host & Green Room Video) - God is moving in our congregations through the lives of people. There are stories that, if told well, would encourage the people in our churches. We will look at the art of storytelling, learn ways to help draw out the stories in our congregation and tell them effectively.   |   224.829.0929   |   ©2016 First In Last Out