FILO Conference

The FILO Conference is a gathering of local church technical artists designed to encourage, train and inspire. Whether you are a volunteer or a staff person, an audio engineer or a graphics operator, set builder or jack of all trades, there is something unique here for you and the role you play in your local church.

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BREAKOUT A. - Rigging 101

(John Moore, General Manager, Lead Flying Director @ Vertigo) - This workshop will review standard rigging practices, show examples of incorrect rigging, discuss the resources available for your facility, and share tips and tricks for making rigging effects more accessible to productions in your venue. 

BREAKOUT B. - Rigging 201

(John Moore, General Manager, Lead Flying Director @ Vertigo) - Learn the relationship between design factor, breaking strength, and working load, and how to include strength reduction factors and load increase factors.  We will also review breaking strengths of common rigging hardware, and learn how to make informed choices when selecting rigging equipment.  

BREAKOUT C. - Network Audio

Production gear is increasingly based in the world of IT. Audio networking is becoming something every church can benefit from. We’ll look at various protocols and the various uses for audio over an IP network, as well as things to avoid when designing an audio system infrastructure.

BREAKOUT D. - Multi-Site Video Delivery

(Dennis Choy - North Coast Church; Phil Gauthier - HaiVision; Paul Martel - Living as One) - Multi-Site churches are springing up everywhere, and the idea of broadcasting a message to multiple venues is within reach of many churches. In a panel discussion format, we’ll explore various ways to transmit video to remote locations. We’ll hear from manufacturers and actual users of their systems from the local church community.    

BREAKOUT E. - Lighting Networking                 

(Alex Fuller - Bethel; Nick Sheetz - Christ Community Church; Jordan Monson - Willow Creek; Chris Thomas - Cherry Hills) - Lighting systems are moving away from just a rack of dimmers and a ton of copper wiring and into the realm of networks. With so many new fixtures that need tons of DMX channels, creating a lighting network that can handle the needs of lighting systems have become critical for many churches.   |   224.829.0929   |   ©2016 First In Last Out